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Technical Info

Generation EFI

2014 was the first year of "Generation EFI" at Ural.  With the 2014 Ural revolution Ural is getting rid of the drum brakes, the carburettors and a few other techhnical relics from the 1950's.  Ural is beaming itself into the present time!

Since April 2014 the Ural factory has delivered the sidecars with the following innovations.

Electronic fuel injection instead of carburettors

Sharper camshafts for a better torque

External Oil Filter
Hydraulic Steering Damper

Disc brakes on all 3 wheels

2010 Updates

1. Engine Updates - unforgivingly-tested and brutally challenged by famous English adventuress Lois Pryce and her no less famous husband and adventurer Austin Vince's cross country trip last summer. (We asked them to go full throttle on it)

1.1. Rocker arms with needle bearings. The new rocker arms use needle bearings - the design similar to most modern bikes. This reduces friction between rocker arm and rocker arm shaft improving valve train efficiency and longevity. This also increases horsepower and fuel economy.

1.2. Centering bushing between cylinder and cylinder head. 2010 heads utilize an improved alignment bushing to help center the cylinder and the head. This will increase longevity of the push rods.

1.3. Camshaft with rear needle bearing. The standard rear brass bushing has been replaced with a new needle bearing. Reduced friction increases horsepower and fuel economy while providing better performance at higher RPM.

1.4. Machined (smoothed) intake and exhaust ports of the cylinder head. By flowing the intake and exhaust ports the heads can more efficiently move fuel at higher RPM's and increased horsepower.

1.5. Redesigned alternator adapter. The new design of the alternator adaptor provides better oiling to the seal preventing premature failure while also preventing bearings from overheating and failing.

2. Transmission
New polymer material instead of rubber for flexible U-joint. The strength and durability of the coupler is increased due to using new polymers in place of the original rubber. The new coupler is 40% stronger and can sustain heavy loads with minimum distortion.

3. Sidecar frame
Flexible front prop (same as rear prop) - offers more options for sidecar alignment. You now have the ability to adjust the sidecar alignment at both mounting points on the frame. This allows you to set sidecar angle, ride height, and toe-in adjustments more easily.

4. Replacement of the chromed parts
Complete exhaust system, handlebar, rear and front fender clips, passenger grab handles, sidecar bumper, turn signal steams, push road covers are now made from 304 grade stainless steel.Stainless steel is stronger and more durable than chromed steel and will not rust.
Small parts formerly chrome plated are now covered with polished hard chrome or powder painted.

5. Wheels: Aluminum rims
Aluminum 19" rims are installing on Patrol and Tourist models starting container 195 (shipped 12/31/2009). Rims made from 7050 aluminum alloy and have reinforced central channel. These rims are manufactured to higher tolerances and utilize a specific design for sidecar applications.

6. Retro Marzocchi Front Forks (www.marzocchi.com) 42mm telescopic forks and low front fender for Retro
Oversized front forks provide a more stable ride and better control with a sidecar. The 42mm forks have less side deflection and twist than the original 36mm forks and use better oil and dust seals.

7. Powder painted body parts (gas tank, fenders, sidecar body, side panels etc.) for Tourist-T and Gear-Up (main color) models.


Hex head fastening screws Herzog precision cut timing gears Complete new valve train including: 7mm valve stems, sealed valve guides, hardened valve seats, and single valve springs.
Weather proof air cleaning system (NON-CAL bikes) NAK seals  
Simplified exhaust system SKF bearings Modified Denso alternator adapter
New header fastening system for exhaust pipes High quality 8.8 hardware used throughout New clutch springs
Improved quality breather pipe New aluminum starter cover  
Surfaced clutch plates for smooth operation    
Gearbox Gearbox Gearbox
Neutral light cut off for reverse Herzog shafts and precision cut gears  
Hex head fastening screws NAK seals  
Improved clutch slider SKF bearings  
Improved speedometer cable seal High quality 8.8 hardware and nylock nuts  
Extended drive shaft splines    
Final Drive
Final Drive
Use of final drive lock nuts Reversed style drive shaft with larger spline surface area  
Nylock nuts used to secure final drive to swing arm SKF bearings  
Labeled final drive engagement lever Improved 2WD engagement rod with UNI balls  
Floating disc for front disc brake (Troyka and Retro) Brembo floating disc on all models Steel braided brake hoses on all models.
  New brake hose routing with retaining clips  
  Reinforced front brake reaction link  
Improved sidecar brake plate Improved sidecar subframe for more adjustment clearance Pivot bearings installed in place of bushings ... both front and rear swing arms
Heavy duty front turn signal mount SKF sealed wheel bearings New shock absorbers, Sachs ... improved dampening and stiffer springs
Standard mechanical rear and sidecar wheel brakes (Retro) Improved sidecar truck hinges and handle Tapered steering head bearings (SKF)
  Universal spare wheel holder New bench seat
  Standard 7/8" handle bar size and upgraded risers New tool kit
  Cable trunk lid limiter strap  
  Bottoming out travel limiter on sidecar swing arm  
  US style license plate mount  
  High quality 8.8 hardware and nylock nuts  
  Mikuni rubber intake flanges  
  Petcock tank mounted … no adapters  
  Improved fuel line  
New wire harness (Tourist, Patrol, Troyka, Gear Up) Ducati Energina ignition system  
Sidecar fuse block with power outlet Upgraded Italian horn  
  Improved fuel can holder for GU models  
  Reusable touch-up paint containers  
  New shovel cover  
  Dual purpose grips for Gear-up models  
  Removable sidecar interior panels on Retro models